ParKwater ® Mechanical Evaporator

HV10F Floating Evaporator

HV10F Floating Evaporator

ParKwater® HV10F is a floating mechanical evaporator and applicable to small area where wastewater contains large particulates or high corrosion solids. It is reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

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Low Dismounting
The structure design is reasonable in a minimal amount of top surface area to control the build-up of residue, and minimize clean up and maintenance.

High Performance
High-speed impellers process the best water droplets to evaporate, with up to 15 times evaporation efficiency than evaporation ponds.

Easy Maintenance
It is easy to clean up and maintain, and requires no weekly bearing lubrication.

Minimal Block
Particles smaller than 5mm is easy to pass and brings minimal clogging.

Superior Quality
It has been applied successfully in industry and outside environment for many years. Polyethylene pontoons are filled with closed-cell ​polyurethane foam, ensuring buoyancy even after any accidental puncturing of the plastic outer shell. The key components are made of stainless steel to extend service life in critical environment.