ParKwater ® Mechanical Evaporator

ParKwater ® WD-15/30G Evaporator

ParKwater ® WD-15/30G Evaporator

For the Horizon series evaporator, the specially designed fan provides high-speed air flow, the designed anti-fouling nozzle provides high-pressure water mist, and the fan air flow throws the water mist into the air, which increases the contact area between water mist and air, and lengthens the heat exchange time between air and water, so that favorable evaporation can be finally achieved.

The Horizon series evaporator provides customers with a subtle design, which is simple and distinctive. It can provide different material requirements according to different applications of customers.

Because the equipment performs secondary crushing through high-speed air flow, it can work normally at low pressure (< 1mpa). The atomizing device can allow larger particles to pass through, which can save the fine filtration device and reduce the daily cleaning work of the filter; and meanwhile can effe- ctively resist fouling.

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Product Advantages

  • Spiral Nozzle—It has a large diameter, strong anti-fouling and good atomization effect.
  • Angled Air Outlet—It can provide the maximum lift, increase the contact time and enhance evaporation.
  • Ultra-high wind speed—It can provide ultra-high wind speed, which not only has the effect of air delivery, but also has the effect of secondary crushing.
  • Fewer power components—It can reduce power components and avoid the failure of the power com- ponent due to the harsh working conditions on site.
  • Good atomization effect—It can achieve effective atomization with a pressure within 10kg and an effective fogdrop diameter within 200um.
  • Intuitive differences in the appearance of the equipment—characteristics of the air outlet of the 45-degree bent tube: According to the principle of physics, the maximum projectile distance can be obtained by a 45-degree parabola It can effectively improve the wind swirl at the air outlet and increase the straight-line air delivery pressure It has strong anti-backflow ability and can effectively avoid backflow of falling water into the fan The specially designed size and length of the outlet can improve the wind speed, increase the gas-water contact ratio and reduce the friction loss.

Note: please consult the dealer for voltage frequency.