ParKwater ® Mechanical Evaporator

Cannon evaporators

Cannon evaporators

Cannon evaporators consists of high speedy blower system,water supply system, atomizing nozzle system, chassis system and electricity system etc. atomizing nozzle system to break the water pumped into pieces for second atomization by high speedy blower system for quick evaporation. height of equipment is adjustable by chassis system to fit into difference site, electricity control system to start or stop equipment by manual operation etc. meanwhile, the weather monitor system is also available to observe the wind forces,wind direction,temperature,damp to control the waterdrop drifting limits and operation costs of system whereas make sure the high-effective evaporation.

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 Advantages of cannon evaporators as following:

-Spiral nozzles - large Diameter, strong anti-fouling, and good atomization. -Angle vents – provide maximum lift, increase contact time and enhance evaporation. -Ultra high wind speed – super high wind speed, not only has the effect of wind, but also has a secondary crushing effect. -Less power components - reduce power components and prevent the failure of dynamic parts from bad working conditions. -Effective atomization with long distance - the effective atomization by applying a certain of pressure, long shooting distance with effective evaporation. -45° air outlets -According to the principle of physics, 45 °parabola can get the maximum shot distance! -It can effectively improve the whirlwind of the outlet and increase the pressure of the straight wind -Strong resistance to reflux, effectively avoid backflow into the fan. -The special designed outlet size and length increase the wind speed, increase the contact ratio of air and water, and reduce the losses of delay.