ParKwater ® Mechanical Evaporator

Cannon Type Evaporator

Cannon Type Evaporator

Cannon evaporators consists of high speedy blower system,water supply system, atomizing nozzle system, chassis system and electricity system etc. atomizing nozzle system to break the water pumped into pieces for second atomization by high speedy blower system for quick evaporation. height of equipment is adjustable by chassis system to fit into difference site, electricity control system to start or stop equipment by manual operation etc. meanwhile, the weather monitor system is also available to observe the wind forces,wind direction,temperature,damp to control the waterdrop drifting limits and operation costs of system whereas make sure the high-effective evaporation.


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Two types available for Cannon Evaporators:
15T Cannon Evaporator:
15T water supply/hour, total power consumption: 60KW, shooting distance: 0-40 meters.
30T Cannon Evaporator:
30T water supply/hour, total power consumption: 80KW, shooting distance: 0-80 meters