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Horizon since 2003, Over the years, Horizon has developed various high quality.

High Flow Cartridge Filters


Attractive price will minimize your budgets whereas the quality is not compromised.

We have delivered hundreds of high flow cartridge filters last week, at present,we are promoting sales before the coming new year,if you have enquiry,please liaise

our sales rep for consultancy.


Features & Benefits

• Highflow Capacity 70m3/hr

Fewer cartridges to accommodate whole system flowrate

Minimize filter cartridge usage

Significantly save housing size. 

Save capital investment

Save plant footprint

Save replacement labor cost

• Pleated type design

Extend the usable filter serface area

High dirty holding capacity

Extend longer life time

Save maintenance cost

• Polypropylene media construction

Allow to use in both aqueous and non-aqueous fluid application

Applicable in food and beverage processing that requires direct food contact

High-quality media allows uniformly and evenly distributing the fluid

• Suporting core

Enables horizontal housing design

Results in easier replacement and lower labor cost

• Inserted O-ring & handle design on the cap

Perfect sealing

No special tools are required for filter change-out

Saving system downtime

Easy installation and removal

Saving labor cost


• RO Backflush Filtration                     • Pharmeceutical (process water)

• Waste Water                                     • Municipal Water

• Electronics Industry                          • Iron Industry

• RO Prefiltration                                 • Food & Beverage( process water)

• UF Cleaning/Backflush Filtration      • Chemical Industry

• Petrochemicals Industry