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Equipment Strengthening Enterprise | HORIZON High Tech Manufacturing Base was Established


On June 12, 2018, as a leading enterprise in zero discharge treatment of industrial wastewater, horizon added good news. Its manufacturing base located in the plant area of Zhejiang Tongxiang neimange Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. This is the latest achievement of horizon's practice of "made in China 2025", and also marks that horizon has taken a firm step towards "strengthening the enterprise with equipment".

Zhejiang neimange Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by whiting equipment Canada Co., Ltd. in China. Whiting equipment Canada Co., Ltd. and its sister company Swenson Technology Co., Ltd. belong to the American whiting group. It is the ancestor of the thermal evaporation technology industry. The group has a history of 130 years and enjoys a high reputation all over the world.

Horizon manufacturing base is located in the plant area of neimenger Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., covering a total area of about 90000 square meters. The whole plant area has 55000 square meters of production plant and many process production lines such as welding, equipment assembly, thermal insulation, sand blasting, rust removal, acid pickling passivation, testing and painting, as well as new materials and processes such as advanced machining and testing equipment at home and abroad, It integrates product R & D, machining and assembly.

Relying on the advanced design level of neimenger company, Swenson chemical process equipment and perfect quality testing equipment, the manufacturing base will provide complete sets of chemical process design and equipment processing and manufacturing in the fields of evaporation, crystallization, drying and filtration involved in the zero discharge process of industrial wastewater.

As a world-class provider of wastewater zero discharge scheme and a supplier of membrane process equipment, horizon has been deeply engaged in the field of water treatment for many years. Its business covers more than 400 enterprises in 14 countries and has rich treatment experience in different regions and different water quality. As the manufacturing base is put into use, horizon will continue to adhere to the purpose of "affordable, affordable, mainstream technology and mature technology". Through the accumulation of manufacturing experience in many industries, it will process and manufacture various types of products according to different standards and materials according to the differences of projects, so as to provide customers with unparalleled design and manufacturing solutions in terms of cost and quality.

Horizon sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to visit our manufacturing base in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province!