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RealMax® RMBS S-Wound Filter Cartridge

RealMax® RMBS S-Wound Filter Cartridge

Designed for absolute removal of suspended iron oxide, copper, and other particulate without powdered resin precoating or other filter aids, RealMax RMBS S-Wound Filter Cartridge system is the first choice for critical power plant condensate application.

With in excess of 98% particle removal efficiencies, RealMax® RMBS S-Wound Filter Cartridge system is the highest quality filtration system.

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Features & Benefits

  • Backflushable Filter Cartridge
  • High efficient particle removal
  • Continuous polypropylene fiber string wound construction
  • Uniformite filtration in different length
  • Stainless steel center core and connections with screw thread
  • Large contaminant holding capacity and super length cartridge-70”(1778mm)
  • Easy start-up and clean, strong adsorbability
  • Various sizes to meet different kinds of powdered resin filter or pre-filter application
  • High mechanical strength, not easy to deform even under harsh process
  • Directly installed in the existing system
  • Predigested system, no acid & alkali consume and contaminant, wastes removal easily, environmental
  • Low cost, less losses on pressure drop after condensate polishing


  • Condesate polishing system
  • Power Plant Condesate System
  • Combined cycle condensate
  • Full flow condesate
  • Super Critical boilers


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