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RealMax® RMAP Pleated Filter Cartridge

RealMax® RMAP Pleated Filter Cartridge

RealMax® RMAP Pleated Filter Cartridge provide reliable and consistent performance in a wide range of applications. It is manufactured by using a precise winding techniques, which maximize the use of internal cartridge surface area. The unique construction improved the dirtholding capacity, delivers true depth filtration for optimal cartridge life. It is pleated by multiple layers. The cartridge shell, Center core, and end caps are made of polypropylene materials, each sealing part used the heat welding technology. Which does not contain any adhesive and with good sealing performance, no leakage, no pollution.

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Features & Benefits

  • High surface area design provides superior flow rate and high dirt holding capacity
  • Low pressure drop, long service life
  • High-purity filtration for a wide range of applications
  • Absolute removal rating secure efficiency
  • Fixed pore removal construction provides ultimate particle retention efficiency
  • All-polypropylene media and construction meet a broad range of performance requirements
  • FDA-approved polypropylene
  • Excellent compatibility with a variety of fluids, high temperature resistant, impact resistance, corrosion resistance
  • High flow rate permit use of smaller vessels and fewer cartridges
  • Longer cartridge service life reduces frequency of filter change out resulting in less disposal costs, reduced inventory and less process interruptions
  • Environmental Friendly, easy to disposal
  • No fiber drop, 100% intergal testing


  • Process Water
  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Electronic
  • Ink
  • Magnetic Media
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Imaging Solution
  • Pre-filter for RO Systems


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